Archer Advisors


Archer is a strategic accelerator that has helped over 60 digital advertising companies, from tiny startups to giants like Google, refine their aim and reach the stratosphere.

Archer Advisors

Why Archer?

Led by Rich LeFurgy, Founding Chairman of the IAB, Archer is a strategic accelerator that bridges today’s omnichannel media world to provide unparalleled perspective and advice to digital advertising company CEOs, management teams and Boards of Directors. Our extensive experience advising successful public and private companies enables us to provide a wealth of unique and timely macro and micro insights.

Successful engagements with 60+ companies, from startup to Google

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Advisory Services

Archer provides strategies that can be put to work immediately to accelerate new opportunities and crush obstacles to growth.


Project Advisory Services

  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Management Advisory Services

  • Work directly with CEO, President or management team
  • Provide industry and operational perspective
  • Meet on a regular basis
  • Can be included with a board of director position
  • Can serve as interim CEO or CMO

Board of Directors

  • Independent board member to provide industry expertise
  • VC or company appointee
  • Rich LeFurgy has served on nearly a dozen boards including Placecast, Blue Lithium and x+1